«Tchaikovsky textile» company’s clients are the representatives of various industrial fields, each one of them has their own special requirements to the fabrics properties. In our assortment, we promote the whole specter of fabric for each field, including fuel and energy complex, iron-steel and atomic industries, production enterprises of various fields, health service, food industry and service sector. Technological progress leads to greater automatization, unavoidable increase of risk. That’s why the work’s wear level protection must develop simultaneously with new technologies development and new professions appearing in the labor market.

Best specialists of the industry are in the company’s personnel, who are considered as experts in the Russian and worldwide fabrics market for work wear and uniform.

Huge work experience and market knowledge, regular development and professionality let the company not just to follow client’s wishes, but also to work ahead. The company’s goal – to provide Russian companies with fabrics, which have maximal staff protection level in production.

That’s why each customer of the company can count on a professional consultation with a specialist regarding choosing a fabric and providing new innovative development for producing modern work wear of high quality.