Quality standards

stanManufactures technology and quality control allow the company to produce fabrics with the consumer properties, meeting strict international standard requirements. All « Tchaikovsky textile» fabrics without exception are known for the obedience of the complex indicators, which define the work wear fabrics’ quality of any international producer.


«Tchaikovsky textile» fabrics protect from production factors by the specter of protective properties, needed for the industry and corporate customer. There are different protective finishing and preparation in the order to give fabrics protective properties. Applied technologies guarantee the keeping of protective properties during the whole clothes exploitation period.

High tenasity and wear-resistance

Due to use of high-quality raw materials, well-thought technologiesin all production level «Tchaikovsky textile» fabrics are distinct in high tenacity. Fabrics are resistant to ruptures, in case of breaking the damage area does not increase. High-tenacity are also provides personal protection against mechanical influence. Due to fabrics’ durability the overall time increases, that allows the customers to reduce enterprise expenses.

Low shrinkage

Balanced composition and fabrics’ construction, the usage of finishing provide fabrics with minimal shrinkage level. Sanforization process is applied while fabrics production – the process of forced shrinkage by mechanical method. That’s why the clothes from « Tchaikovsky textile» fabrics keep their original size (doesn’t shrink) during the whole period of clothes exploitation.

Soft handle and comfort

Clothes from “Tchaikovsky textile” fabrics stay ideal looking during the whole exploitation time. In the process of wash and wear the fabric almost doesn’t crease, doesn’t form pilling.

The use of sanforization process and special softeners give the fabrics sculpturesque pleasant handle, the fabric drapes good, and bears comfortably against the body. Due to high indicators ofair permeability and hygroscopic there is form a fortunate microclimate for a person formed: clothes «breathes», absorbs and releases moisture, that noticeably increases staffs workability.

Color fastness

Fabrics coloristic includes all coloures and shades that are used for sewing work wear: the main coloures are included the base collection, dyeing to another coloures is carried out by client’s request. For getting the brightest and the purest colour by the client’s request, there is used quality dyestuff of the leaning noble-known brands.  The use of vat dyestuff guarantees maximal color fastness to the light action and mechanical friction. The original colour of the fabric stays unchanged up to 100 washing cycles.

To provide the guaranteed quality of the fabric, the company puts vertical integration structure into practice, which allows to control the quality at each stage. Control samples from each fabric’s lot passes through testing industrial washing by professional Miele equipment: by the washing results all mechanical physical fabrics parameters get tested.

At the same time, ready-made garments get sewed from the company’s fabrics, which are given as an experience wear to staff members of different manufacture section companies. The fabric resistance to industrial washing depending on the contamination etiology is evaluated according to the test results. Based on these conclusions some the cycles of fabric production get adjusted.

The final control is conducted on the stage of laboratory. The fabric gets controlled according to the standards of the company, that are equal or stricter than the Russian GOST- national standards and European standards.