Spinning and weaving

While spinning process fibers are shaped to yarns and during weaving yarns are formed into a fabric: greige fabric comes out from the weaving loom, and than is subjected to treatment in dyeing-and-finishing division.

Spinning-weaving units are equipped with: Rieter, Marzoli, Hergeth Hollingsworth, Spinnereimaschinenbau, Zellweger USTER and other brands. Complex of new beaming and warp-sizing machines have been installed in the year 2016. New weaving unit, equipped by the latest Toyota pneumatic model started to work as part of the modernization program, Picanol rapier weaving machines have been installed, and STB weaving machines keep on working.

Setup of the new spinning-weaving machines section, help to increase the productive capacity, raise quality and operational efficiency, elaborate new assortments directions.