лого“Lyceum” group fabrics line is designed for student’s school uniform and includes two divisions: Costume range (polyester + viscose) and Shirt range (cotton + polyester)

“Lyceum” fabrics fully correspond to the requirements, first of all hygienic properties and children’s health safety:

  • Technical regulation of Customs Union TR TC 007/2011 “Product’s safety, intended for children and teenagers”
  • Sanitary-epidemiological regulations (SanPin Russian National Standard) 2.4.2 1178-02 Student’s “health care and hygienic” and 2.4.7/1.1.1286-03 “Hygiene requirements for children’s clothes, teenagers and adults”.

And adding to all of these requirements while developing fabrics specialists of the “Tchaikovsky textile” company took into account additional requirements for school uniform material considering intenseconditions of exploitation, stylistics as well as children and parents comfort:

  • Strength and wear resistance: as the clothes are used daily in intense conditions, the fabric iswith high tenacity to breaking, tearing force and resistance to abrasion. This provides a long term service of school uniform and its durability.
  • The preservation of a neat appearance for the entire period of exploitation: low shrinkage and shape tenacity (the fabric doesn’t “shrink” and deform after washing), low peeling (fabric doesn’t form “peels”), crease-resistance (clothes doesn’t rumple while wearing and care)
  • Comfort atthe wear: in order the  clothes doesn't  to irritate children’s skin, a special nice and soft handle  is developed for fabrics and a soft finishing for comfortable body fit is applied. Flexible handle provides good drape for improving the school’s uniform appearance.
  • Care convenience: easy to wash out dirt, fast drying, and minimal washing-caring cycle procedure
  • Economy: the cost of fabrics and school uniforms has to be affordable for all the students
  • Aesthetic appeal