Лого Премьер [преобразованный]“Premier” group fabrics line includes blended and cotton fabrics of different weight, intended for corporate clothes and overalls with protective properties of various industries.

Fabrics of the “Premier” group are characterized by excellent balance of all the major indicators:

  • Guaranteed protective properties
  • High strength indicators
  • Low shrinkage
  • Soft handle and comfort
  • Color fastness

“Premier” fabrics provide reliable protection of staff against general production pollution and mechanical effects, depending on the type of finishing guaranteeprotection from complexof harmful production factors:

  • From water penetration on skin (water repellent finishing), oils (oil-waterrepellentfinishing) and hard fraction petrochemicals (petroleum-oil-water repellent finishing)
  • From acid penetration in skin (acid-50 finishing, acid-80 finishing) and alkalis (alkalis-20)
  • From open flame and high temperatures (flame retardant impregnation)
  • From static electricity (metallized antistatic yarns)
  • From adverse weather factors (Membrane coating and “Climate” series coating)
  • From the risk of bacteria and fungi reproduction (Antibacterial finishing)
  • From harmful biological factors (insectoacaricide finishing Bio Repellent+) etc.

Comfort and environmental friendliness:

  • Good under clothing area ventilation and heat exchange due to the content of natural fibers
  • High hygroscopicity
  • Fabrics with increased content of cotton “Premier Cotton Rich”, “Premier-comfort” and “Premier Cotton” are more hygienic and are recommended while working at high temperature and with power plant
  • Absolut health safety due to minimal content of free formaldehyde, the lack of allergic reactions (Oeko-Tex Standard 100)

Great clothes appearance:

  • High color fastness due to use of vat dyes
  • Lack of peeling
  • Improved shape tenacity
  • Minimal shrinkage

Durability and exploitation economy:

  • Wear resistance and clothes durability due to high strength of fabricindicators-time of clothes exploitation increases up to 2-3 times
  • Care economy due to final finishing