FRall_logo [преобразованный]A range of Flame Retardant fabrics « FRall» for manufacturing work wear for different industry sectors. The development is based on flame retardant chemicals of new generation.

In the process of treatment, there are water insoluble polymers of flame retardant chemical applied on fiber and at the same time chemical connection is formed between flame retardant polymer and fiber, which increases the stability of flame retardant finishing to various exploitation conditions and wet treatment: during exploitation process, after washing and dry-cleaning the fabric keeps it’s flame retardant properties.

«FRall» Technology is distinguished by the following advantages:

  • High level of Flame Retardant properties for the whole time of exploitation
  • Hygienic properties and safety for health (Oeko-Tex Standard 100)
  • High tenacity
  • The possibility of home as well as industrial washing
  • Wide range of usage

«FRall» range includes different blends of fabrics depending on their purpose