Climat_logo (2) [преобразованный]Fabrics with “Climate” coating are intended for the manufacture of special clothes for max protection from negative weather conditions: water resistance, waterproof and wind protection fabrics are provided due to coating. Depending on the sphere of application as well as weather, andgeographical conditions various kinds of “Climate’ series are used which are planned to exploit work wear.

CorrespondtoRussian national standards: GOST 12.4.282-2014, GOST R 12.4.236-2011, GOST R 12.4.288-2013, GOST 12.4.280-2014, GOST 12.4.281-2014

Climate 1

Steam-tight coating with paste provides maximal  protection against  negative weather conditions ( ice, rain, wind), oils and petroleum products. Are applied for manufacturing objects special clothes, which don’t get required for overall space ( clothes lining,raincoats).

  • Water proofness up to 1000 mm ofwater column
  • Wind protection

Climate 2

“Breathable” microporous coating for work wear with long-lasting protection, from drizzling and light rain-protection length up to 24 hours. The coating lets to support comfortable microclimate of under clothing area, is used for manufacturing special clothes, jackets, raincoats.

  • Waterproofness: due to small sizes of pores water is not able to penetrate through fabric , the index is no less than 2000 water column
  • Vapor permeability: pores sizes are enough to let outside humid vapor, which lets to create “breathing” fabrics
  • Wind protection: tunnel shaped structure pores splits airflow, creates micro turbulence and prevents wind penetration

Climate 3 (membrane fabric)

“Breathing” fabric with hydrophilic membrane for work wear with protection againstlong-lastingheavy rain (up to 24 hours). The coating allows supporting comfortable microclimate of under  clothing area. Fabrics with “Climate 3” coating are recommended for work wear of staff, whose work is connected with hour-long stay under the rain, wind, snow. Is applied at the temperature range from +20 C to -5 C.

  • Water resistance: from 2000 to 10000 mm water column and higher!
  • Waterproof fabric at 24 hours stay under the rain.
  • Vapor permeability: water evaporation happens due to hydrophilic groups on molecular level on absorption-diffusion-evaporation chain
  • Wind protection
  • Easy to care: due to oil and water-repellent properties, fabric almost does not get dirty. Fabrics with “Climate 3” membrane coating are recommended for work wear of staff, whosework is connected with hour-long stay under the rain, wind, snow

Climate 3+ (membrane fabrics)

Fabrics with “breathing” hydrophilic membrane and knitted lining with long-lasting protection from heavy rain up to 24 hours. Fabrics with “Climate 3+” membrane coating represent a structure from 3 layers, glued together: external fabric, membrane and knitted lining. The combinations of functions that every layer of coating executes, guarantees unique fabric properties: the membrane prevents moisture penetration, knitted liningprovides heal-shielding properties, and the upper layer of the fabric protects the membrane from damages.

  • Water resistance: from 2000 mm to 10000 mm water column and higher!
  • Waterproofness of fabric at 24 h stays under the rain, and snow
  • Vapor permeability and protection from over heating: the membrane is made from hydrophilic polyurethane, due to which straight transport of water molecule (sweat) occurs, meshwork lining does not prevent moisture removal from skin.
  • 100% wind protection
  • Light weight of clothes: manufacturing  of clothes with “Climate 3+” fabric coating doesn’t need additional lining  material.
  • Easy to care: due to oil and water-repellent properties, fabric  almost does not get dirty, the lack of additional lining materials provides fast drying of clothes after washing.