Dyeing and final finishing

At the stage of dyeing and  finishing the fabric is subjected to  

  • singeing: gives flat surface to the fabric and excludes pilling,
  • boiling  and bleaching: removes contamination out of cotton
  • dyeing: giving the fabric the needed shade, design                                                              
  • application of the final finishing to add protective properties and improve end-user performance  
  • mercerizing: improves dye-fastness and reduces shrinkage of the fabric                                       
  • sanforization: the process of shrinkage by mechanical method force to minimize shrinkage index

Dyeing-and-finishing manufacture is equipped with the modern machines Benninger, Monforts, Then, Kuesters, WAKAYAMA, Elitex, Biancalani, Biella Shrunk and others. In the range of modernization new facilities have been installed in this section.

  • machines for fabrics periodicdyeing process             
  • singeing machinery                                                                                                               
  • line for fabrics bleaching coating  
  • application machinery membrane 
  • application machinery                                                                                                   
  • line for production of flame retardant fabrics                                                                          

Installation of the new machinery,  increases the capacity and efficiency of production, improves the quality of deep dyeing process and color fastness, significantly extends the range coatings and finishing’s- development of innovation assortment on the top international level.